email-graphicWe got your back!

Understanding Your Website

Unless you’re looking forward to the challenge we won’t leave you alone to figure out your new website. It can be a very daunting experience to jump into the role of managing and updating a website. We will provide the basics regarding how to create new posts, edit content, and moderate comments. That will give you all the basics you need to develop your website.

Meeting The cPanel

At the clients request we can also create tutorials for the cPanel area. This area contains access to website statistics, plugins, email, and more. The user interface of the cPanel can seem intimidating but with a little help we can hide all of what you consider clutter.

Mail Call

You will receive instructions for accessing your web based email account and composing an email. But we think most people will be very familiar and comfortable with our selection of email clients. We can also help you set those email accounts up if you like.

Speaking of email why not send us a message right now. Tell us what you thought of your visit here. We would appreciate your input.