social-networkingCan’t we all just get along?

Social Networking Capabilities

If you’re taking part in social networking and not including the exposure created from your website you’re missing out on a slice of the pie.

Entire departments and businesses have been built on the backs of social networking platforms. They provide another opportunity to express yourself and promote your business. Become more familiar with your audience. Offer exclusive specials to your Facebook fans and Twitter followers. There are endless possibilities for cross-promotion once you open the door to social integration.

Customizing The Social

We also offer the option of customized images for your social networking pages. These graphics will represent your website and create a more seamless user experience when traveling between your website and your social targets.

Automatic posting to your social site is possible and useful for those who create a lot of content. Because these options require apps and plugins they also require updates to the codes. It’s a small trade-off that can free a lot of time if you generate a lot of site content on a daily basis.

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