Site Design

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Decisions Decisions

New clients typically have an idea or two regarding their site design. As a client you may even have an example of a favorite website. That’s great! We don’t wan’t to replicate another site but the ideas give us a visual reference.

Responsive Design

When your website is built in a responsive manner the site will appear the same when viewed on most any device. In today’s age of mobility we can help you put your site in the pockets of potential visitors by creating your site responsively.

All The Goodies

There are very few limitations for designing a website. A page such as this using the entire page for content. It’s a great design to highlight the content with no distractions and works well on a site with a handful of pages. If we added two columns, one to the left and one to the right, we become a 3 column design. That’s great if you have a lot of menu items and sidebar images. A page such as our home page utilizes sliders and featured areas that can be customized to showcase your best content.

We’ll make sure the site design works for you and your visitors and accomodates your site structure and content properly.