management-servicesYou have a life to manage. Let us take care of your website.

Website Management Services

We offer all types of site management. Many of our clients are not comfortable applying software updates. While any database driven website provides numerous options they all require updating. With the flexibility comes the responsibility.

WordPress core and wordpress plugin updates are a very common request. We create a backup of your site before performing any updates. And then each update is applied one a time. This allows us to identify a problematic update when it happens.

Content Management

At times a website owner prefers a hands-off approach when it comes to adding new content or editing existing documents. We offer an hourly rate based service for content management which includes basic menu changes, media additions, and edits. If your required updates are frequent we can work with you to create a payment platform.

The Entire Package

We offer management services for your entire website as well. And that takes care of everything from keeping your site updated and secure to posting new content and creating site backups.

Send us a message if you’re looking for any level of website management. From top to bottom we have the experience to meet your needs.