Free Consultation

consultationHave you tried to build your own website? Are you looking for a brand new website? Interested in improving your current website?

We offer one free consultation per website.

A consultation involves gathering some general information from you, the potential client. Information such as your intentions, direction, and future aspirations for your website are important factors to incorporate into the build or upgrade. It’s a common factor for clients to realize they have better options once we provide solutions that meet their goals and expectations.


We can also provide a general report regarding your competition, the type of site that will best suit your needs, areas recommended for improvement, sections of interest, keyword placement, a unique viewpoint from a user level, as well as a general quote. Generally speaking, the report will take into consideration the future of your website as well as it’s current needs and expectations and the strength or weakness of your competitors.

Most clients are genuinely, and most often positively, surprised with these reports. You’ll have a broader picture and maybe a clearer understanding of where you should focus your efforts, time, and budget. And we provide the tools to observe your site’s growth and popularity with our own hosting solutions.

Let’s put your best foot forward!

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